Four Home Upgrades to Save Space

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In recent years, small spaces have been one of the most popular trends across the globe. From Australia to the U.S., people have embraced tiny living. It’s seen as a solution to high rental costs and environmental problems. Whether you’ve moved into a micro-apartment or you just want to maximize your small space, this is the place for you. Here are four upgrades to save you space:

Sliding Doors

Make the most out of your small rooms by installing internal sliding glass doors. By replacing your old hinged doors that open inwards, you can get more space for your belongings or just additional room to a cramped area. Besides its efficiency in space, it’s also stylish and modern. You can opt for an upgraded sensor system, so it opens and closes automatically.

Get the Right Light

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Make the most out of your walls by choosing mounted lights over lamps. Not only do they take up very little space, but they also go with practically every room and decor. You can get pendant lights for your kitchen or wall lights perfect for nighttime reading. Lights expert David Gray recommends focusing the lights on the focus areas such as the books in a living room or counters in the kitchen. In addition, you should also look for LED light bulbs and sensors. According to the Federal Government, it can cut your energy bill and help the environment.

Use Your Ceiling

Instead of using shelves or tables that take up surface area, why not use your ceiling? You can hang virtually anything you want to the room of your choosing. Instead of having plants placed at the floor or at the desk, hang it from your ceiling instead. Get a nice hanging planter, choose a spot near the window, and get to drilling. You can install the hanging plant by yourself and achieve a more vibrant look for any room. You can also use hanging shelves to store fruits and vegetables in the kitchen or the books by your bed.

Maximize Overlooked Areas

No one pays attention to the spot between the top part of the door and the ceiling or the space below a bed. You can make the most out of spaces like these by building shelves. If you’ve run out of storage space in your cabinets, why not store your stuff above your door? You can also make a shelf under your bed or just buy underbed storage.

Use the area beneath the stairs as a place where you can store your shoes or your cleaning equipment. You can also use a rod or a spice rack to double as shelves on the side of your kitchen island or cabinet. Then, you can use them to hang your tools or store your books.

Whether your place is small or spacious, what matters is how you use it. You can feel more comfortable at a tiny house than a sprawling mansion as long as you tailor it to your needs. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box and do home projects by yourself.

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