Making Your Home a Sanctuary for Health: What You Need to Add


Great homes don’t need to be large, new, or historical, but it needs to be one’s sanctuary and guarantee the homeowner’s health long-term. Even if your home location changes every couple of years or decades, alongside its design and structure, the best way to ensure optimal wellness is by transforming your home into a health sanctuary.

Here are eight ways to help you make the ultimate health sanctuary in your home for a happier, healthier, and longer life.

Plant Herbs and Medicinal Plants

There are herbs and medicinal plants that you can plant in your yard or even roof deck and supplement your diet. You can grow herbs, make teas and poultices, and even creams for your face with these plants. If you’re planning on growing them outdoors, you can protect them by adding vinyl fences around your property. This way, animals can’t get to them and destroy your precious greens and blooms.


Since aromatherapy is getting a lot of attention nowadays, it’s never been easier to find products providing robust and soothing scents for a room. It’s known to help create a peaceful and serene home, subtly emitting passive stress relief, making it a must-have for any health sanctuary. Besides providing stress-relieving benefits, the best part is it also offers physical advantages, ranging from soothing sore joints to easing labor discomfort.

Bring the Four Elements Into Your Home

Working with four elements, air, fire, water, and earth, is a great way to radically shift your space into a healthier and more functional sanctuary. For instance, lighting up the fireplace can help set the mood and let your mind relax, boosting your mental health while using an air purifier can make the indoor quality of your home better, ensuring you’re free from any pollutants.

Adding water features and earth elements like crystals throughout your home is a great way to mend your spirit and mind, keeping your mental and emotional state in top condition.

Create an Altar

When it comes to maintaining your health, don’t forget that your mind matters too. A great way to ensure this aspect stays in top condition is by creating an altar, which you can place into your meditation room or any place you can offer a blessing to everything you have in life. It’s a great way to thank you for everything and cleanse your mind.

Go Green

No home can be considered a health sanctuary without any plants, and going green is one of the best ways to ensure your health and the environment. Although going outside is still the best way to soak in nature’s many benefits and be green, most people spend most of their day indoors. Luckily, adding green elements into your home has never been easier—from indoor plants to using natural materials, they’re great ways to go green and make your home into a true sanctuary.

Other “green methods” you can do to make your home into a health sanctuary are using natural light as much as possible and adding plants around the household.

house facade

Invest in Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

There are more toxic chemicals lingering around your home than you may think, and carbon monoxide is one of them, which is known to be unscented and fatal. If you’re planning on making your home into a health sanctuary, you must ensure the air’s condition. The best way to do that is by investing in a smoke and carbon monoxide detector—helping you see which areas are affected.

Avoid Candles

Although candles may seem like a tremendous stress-relieving addition to any home, they can be dangerous to your health. That’s because scented candles, aside from emitting an enticing smell, also leave black soot and other toxic pollutants throughout your home. These can deposit into the property’s walls, ceilings, and other indoor surfaces, making your house dirty, dingy, and a health hazard. It’s best to avoid adding candles to your decor altogether.

However, if you’re keen on having candles, go for those made from beeswax or vegetable-based candles with purely cotton wicks.

Practice Feng Shui

Many homeowners have reaped the stress relief advantages and other properties of feng shui, swearing by the practice. Plus, it’s no secret that for any person to live happily and healthily, they need to condition their minds as well. That’s why as you’re making changes to make your home into the ultimate health sanctuary, don’t forget to factor in a bit of feng shui to bring in long-term benefits—ensuring better mental and overall health.

Good health is a factor that people need to take care of for a lifetime, and what better way to ensure your wellness than turning your home into a health sanctuary? The methods mentioned can help you transform your abode into a haven that can guarantee optimal effects in all aspects of your health—helping you feel better, be healthier, and live longer.

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