Achieve Better Health at Home with These Easy Upgrades

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Creating a healthy home is not just beneficial for the environment but your overall health and well-being. Just think about this, bacteria can multiply into millions in a single day. But by keeping a cleaner, more eco-friendly home, you are discouraging these germs from sharing your beloved living space.

Living in a healthier environment also means easier breathing of clean air and even reducing dust mites that can cause allergies. While regular cleaning is the most common solution to creating a healthier home, there are other ways that you can try. Check them out below.

Build a greener, organic lawn

Switching to an organic or natural lawn is a safer option for your health as you’ll be eliminating chemical use. Lawn chemicals are not completely harmless. As a matter of fact, they can pose serious hazards to wildlife and human health. Such chemicals are also said to kill 90% of earthworms in a yard, which is not good for the soil in the long run.

The first step to creating an eco-friendly lawn is to improve the soil. Ideally, healthy soil should crumble easily, dark in appearance, and the grass has a strong root system. If you got completely unhealthy soil, you could avail of quality top soil with the needed nutrients for flowers, grass, vegetables, and fruits to grow.

Ditch the expensive chemical fertilizers and switch to natural solutions such as compost. You can create a stronger lawn by scattering a natural fertilizer over the grass, which is often called top dressing. For additional fertilization, you can utilize a seaweed extract.

Switch to energy-efficient appliances

Switching to energy-efficient appliances may be a bit expensive upfront, but it can actually save you tons of money in the long run. The better news is, doing so is beneficial for both your health and the environment, in general. Energy efficiency is proven to support good mental and physical health by creating a better indoor environment. It can improve the quality of air and help maintain optimal noise and humidity levels.

Using energy-efficient appliances such as refrigerators and dishwashers can significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions and the need for burning fossil fuels to create electricity. You are not only reducing your home’s carbon footprint but also help in creating a safer environment for human health.

Furthermore, switching to eco-friendly ventilation or heating systems is also excellent for improving the air quality in your home. This helps reduce health risks such as allergies, as well as cardiovascular and respiratory diseases.

Install a water filtration system

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There are tons of great reasons why you should install a modern water filtration system in your home. For one, various contaminants can enter your water. Even if your water doesn’t have contaminants, that high mineral level can affect its taste. Not having a filtration system means you and everyone in the house vulnerable to drinking water with pollutants that can pose serious health issues.

If any of your family members have skin conditions like psoriasis or eczema, or sensitive skin, unfiltered water with chemicals like chlorine can cause sudden irritation. And even if you don’t have skin conditions, there’s nothing better than drinking and bathing in clean water.

And as much as it is good for your health, a water filtration system is also a better choice for the environment. This reduces the need to buy water in plastic bottles, which poses a huge threat to the environment. Moreover, most plastic bottles have chemicals, which can seep into the water and danger your health.

Replace old or poor insulation

Did you know that old or poor home insulation can cause various health hazards? Poor insulation can result in chemical off-gassing. This is where the system releases harmful chemicals that can cause respiratory issues such as frequent asthma triggers and breathing difficulties. Additionally, improper insulation can expose you to harmful irritants, causing skin problems.

Improve your household’s air quality and energy efficiency by installing proper insulation. Guarantee this by calling on a professional insulation contractor. They can help you choose the right type of home insulation and perform a proper installation. Such experts can also handle the proper disposal of your old insulation to ensure no hazardous materials are left out and meet the local disposal regulations in your area.

By doing these simple home upgrades, you are also investing in your health—no need to feel guilty as you are actually taking steps to improve the quality of your life. So, no matter how limited your budget is, there are plenty of ways, such as those listed above, to create a living space good for you and even the environment.

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