Home Improvement Ideas That Won’t Break the Bank

Home improvement

When you browse your social media feed and that of the influencers, don’t you feel a certain level of envy for those gorgeous teapot sets, planters, and drapes you see in their homes? Don’t these things make you want to remodel your own home, too? Their homes look bright, cheerful, and cozy. Often, you wonder if it has something to do with how little money you have compared to them. But if that’s the case, why does your sister have a better-looking home when you know for a fact that she makes less than you?

It sometimes has to do with budgeting one’s expenses. If you’re the type of person who loves convenience, then you’re probably spending more on that than you should. If you’re taking your clothes to a laundry and dry cleaning service instead of doing it yourself, you’re spending $50 or more on that. You could save that money instead by hauling yourself to the laundry area and washing your clothes by yourself. Wouldn’t that $50 look better in planters and some modern light fixtures for the home?

Instead of spending on things you can do on your own, focus on saving as much as you can monthly. You can use this money to improve your home’s surroundings. Why is this important? Because an organized, clean, and beautiful home makes you more productive and healthier.

Renovate Your Bathroom

Do you know that you can renovate your bathroom for a fraction of the cost of hiring a contractor? You can repaint the tiles and apply a fresh layer of grout to make the bathroom tiles look new again. You can deep-clean the bathroom to remove the watermarks and the grime from the tiles, toilet, and bathtub. For less than $100, you can install a shower enclosure and a designer rain shower head for maximum comfort.

You can also spruce up your bathroom by placing at trolley in one corner of the room. Use the trolley to hold some plants, a diffuser, and your hand towels. Doesn’t it look like a hotel bathroom already? Finally, you can hang artwork on the wall behind the toilet. It doesn’t have to be an expensive artwork. A painting of a plant or flower is more than enough.

Bring in Some Plants


You never know what plants can do in a room until you’ve actually placed them there. Do you feel that your house feels lonely and dingy at times? Open the curtains and let the sunlight in. If that’s not possible because of security reasons, bring in some potted plants. The presence of plants can brighten up any space. Place the plants strategically around the house, so they don’t become overwhelming. Also, use only plants that are low in maintenance. Otherwise, you’ll have to take them out every day to get sunlight and water.

Opt for a Half Wall

Sometimes, a house feels dingy and sad because there’s not a lot of space. The walls can make a house feels stifling and suffocating. Now, breaking down walls seems to be an expensive home improvement project. But you can actually opt for a “>half wall and achieve the same thing—space. You don’t have to remove the walls completely. Just open up half the wall, so the room has more space to breathe.

Spruce Up the Front Door

How do you make your house stand out? You can paint the front door a different color. What color will complement the interior design? All you need is some painter’s tape, brush, and the color of your choice. Go for bold and solid colors. You want to grab a passerby’s attention. The only way to do that is to use a color as different as it can be from the rest of the house. If your house is painted in white, why don’t you go for a red door?

Improve Energy Efficiency

Home improvement isn’t just about the aesthetics of a home. If you’re satisfied with how your home looks, it is time to improve its fixtures and appliances. Start small. You can replace the light bulbs with energy-efficient ones. You can also use water-saving fixtures for the showerhead and the faucets. Properly sealing doors and windows is another way you can reduce the energy consumption of your household. This will not only get more money into your savings account, but it’ll also upgrade your home’s features and amenities.

It shouldn’t be impossible to improve your home without a huge budget. That isn’t necessary. You have to be resourceful and innovative. You have to know how to cut corners. That $10 you save every time you stop yourself from buying a Big Mac will go a long way in your home improvement project.

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