Home Improvement on a Budget: 10 DIY Ideas That Cost Below $200

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Sure we’d love to have new windows and roofs installed and we’d love to look around for a new metal fence for sale to add curb appeal to our home. We also know that it is going to cost a great amount of money.

The thing is, home improvement projects need not be costly. There are some ways that you can give your home a little TLC without breaking the bank.

If you’re like us and are working on a budget, here are a few projects you can do to upgrade your home without going over $200 per project.

10 Home Improvement Ideas for under $200

  1. Give your rooms a new paint job

A simple and inexpensive way of improving your home is by giving it a fresh paint job. A new paint job, whether it’s a retouch of the old color or an entirely different color makes your home look and feel new.

Cost: $150

  1. Split your perennials

If you have a garden and you have spring or summer blooms planted, you can add to your home’s curb appeal by dividing your perennials. It’s a great way to control plant size and multiply the specimens in your garden.

Cost: $0

  1. Embellish your home’s entrance

A cost-effective way of giving your home’s facade a new look is to add a few decorative elements to your main entrance. It could be a new paint job on the door, a new door itself, or some minor upgrades like adding a mailbox or changing your house number plate.

Cost: $50 to $100

  1. Breathe life to old flooring with new paint

If you’re tired of how your floor looks like, give it a new look with a few layers of durable floor paint. Giving your floor a paint job has a similar effect as painting your walls. It makes your home look fresh and new.

Cost: $75

  1. Recaulk your bathroom

man installing tilesAging caulk in bathrooms is an unpleasant sight. If your house is at least five years old, it’s time to recaulk your bathtub, shower, and toilet.

Cost: $10 to $50

  1. Revive your deck

If your deck has not received any TLC for the past few years, bringing it back to life shouldn’t be too hard. With some power washing, hand-scrubbing, and protective sealing your deck should be in respectable form after years of neglect.

Cost: $80 to $120

  1. Install new and easy-to-clean backsplash in your kitchen

If you have the know-how to install tiles for your backsplash, go for it. If not, you can use other materials, such as a beadboard, that can protect your walls from splashes and splatters.

Cost: $25 per square foot

  1. Organize your entryway

Your home’s entryway is the very first thing guests will notice when they come to your house so it’s best to keep it organized and clean. Make a good impression by dressing it up with a storage system to keep your entry clutter-free.

Cost: $80 to $120

  1. Give your kitchen cabinets a facelift

Kitchen cabinets are one of the things that add value to a home. A facelift could increase your home’s value. Simple things such as a new paint job or replacing handles and hinges can already do wonders for your kitchen.

Cost: $150 to $200

  1. Install crown molding

Crown moldings add value and charm to your home. We’re not even talking about wood but foam crown molding which is cheaper, easier to cut, and easier to install.

Cost: $120

Happy remodeling!

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