Improving Your Family’s Health the Environment-Friendly Way


Your family’s health and wellness matter more than anything in the world. This is one reason why many people would be willing to spend any amount just to achieve such a goal. Since everything starts at home, it only makes sense that you modify your family’s lifestyle in favor of health and wellness. And while you’re at it, consider eco-friendly ways to improve your family’s health. This way, you also get to do your part of protecting the environment in one go.

Some people say it can be tricky and expensive to live an eco-friendly lifestyle. While you will need to make certain adjustments, it is actually not that hard to make the eco-friendly switch. You just need to be more mindful of your habits to make sure you get to hit two birds at one go.

Here are four creative ways you can boost your family’s health in an environment-friendly way:

Say Hello to Natural Cleaners and Pesticides

A clean home is a healthy home. The same goes for a pest-free house. If your home is dirty, it is very easy to attract pesky pests that can cause diseases. But then, regular cleaners and pesticides often contain harmful ingredients that are both toxic to humans and the environment.

What you can do is say goodbye to chemical cleaners and pesticides and choose eco-friendly solutions. You can switch to organic and natural cleaners sold in the supermarket. You can even make your own formula out of the readily available ingredients in your kitchen.

As for pests, the best way to prevent these from making a home out of your living space is to keep the area clean. You can use natural pesticides to keep them out of your home and your yard. You can also try eco-friendly pest solutions such as mosquito traps from reliable sources like to effectively catch those blood-sucking insects.

Choose Organic Food Items

The market is filled with processed and unhealthy food items. This makes it soo tempting to indulge in yummy treats when shopping in supermarkets. It does not help that many fastfood restaurants are offering sinfully greasy and salty comfort foods.

Picking organic foods is always a better choice. This is since farmers only make use of natural fertilizers and pesticides in treating their crops. So, the next time you go shopping for your family’s stack of food, head over the organic aisle or visit the local farmer’s market.

One trick you can use is to never go grocery shopping without eating anything first. When you shop while hungry, the tendency is to grab everything that looks delicious even if you know these are not good for your health. Also, learn to read food labels to see which packed food are really organic.

You can also choose to grow your own produce in your backyard. There are easy to plant vegetables that even beginners can grow. If this is not an option, consider becoming a member of your community garden.

Practice Digital Detox With the Family


Digital detox refers to the practice of not using any electronics for a certain period of time. Disconnecting from the online world allows your family to spend more quality time and focus on creating real-life connections. This will teach the kids the hazards of too much tech and social media use and aid in the family’s better mental health.

A digital detox will help lessen your family’s electronics use, thus reducing your energy consumption. But there are many other ways you can make a family digital detox more eco-friendly. For one, you get to limit your need for electronics, thus reducing your electronic wastes.

Slowing down your relationship with technology also helps kids learn the essence of living offline. You can use this time to plant more plants in the garden. Instead of letting kids read on their tablets, visit bookstores and libraries or buy them second-hand books.

You can even let the kids play on their bikes to keep them active. Hoverboards only end up sucking electricity. After a few years, they will surely end up in a landfill which is never good for the environment.

Focus on Improving Your Home

Home improvements do more than just make your home more beautiful and safer. You can also use this to reduce your environmental impact while making your living space healthier.

  • Use materials that are sustainable or have low-to-no volatile organic compounds
  • Choose local suppliers and vendors to reduce carbon footprint
  • Improve indoor air quality by welcoming indoor plants and regular maintenance of your HVAC system
  • Invest in new mattresses for the family to improve sleep quality while donating your old beds
  • Make the most out of natural lighting
  • Switch to low-flow water fixtures and invest in a water purification system

There are tons of strategies that can help to improve your family’s health. But doing this while keeping your environmental impact in mind will always be the responsible choice. Choose to do the right thing by helping protect the environment while improving the health of your loved ones with the help of this short guide.

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