Know the Different Kinds of Bars and Their Requirements

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If you’re thinking of opening a bar, it’s important to know first what kind of bar you’d like to operate. It’s not enough that you think you’re capable of operating one just because you know your liquor. Knowing something about different kinds of liquor is totally different from knowing how to operate a business. It’s more important that you know the latter than the former. In addition to getting a bar restaurant POS system, you need to figure out what kind of bar you want to have.

Neighborhood bar

If you’re a newbie in the bar industry, then you might want to consider opening a neighborhood bar. It’s far less expensive to open one than other kinds of bars. It doesn’t require a lot of research or preparation to start operating. It’s up to you when it comes to choosing the kinds of liquor for your bar. If you’re living around the neighborhood where you’re going to put a bar in, you probably know what drinks the people there would like.

Another thing with a neighborhood bar is that it should provide an easy and comfortable environment, which means that it won’t be too noisy so that people can talk. It also shouldn’t be so posh that other people will find it pretentious and too exclusive. Just keep it simple. More importantly, keep it comfortable so that your customers will feel at home right away.

Sports bar

If you want to open a sports bar, it’s going to be a bit more expensive. You will cater to people who want to watch their favorite football teams, basketball teams, or baseball teams play on live TV. You’re going to need some large-screen TVs in every corner of your bar.

Your customers are going to spend a lot of time staring at your TVs, so you have to serve them finger food. Sports bars offer mostly finger food because customers don’t want to be bothered by using utensils to eat their food. They want their eyes focused solely on the Patriots or the Giants. Make sure that they can pick their food with just one hand.


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Now if you want to open a club, you should be prepared to take on such an endeavor. You should find a location big enough to accommodate a large number of people. A club that can fit only 20 people will definitely fail. Also, you need a big space for your tables and chairs. You also need a large space for dancing.

You also have to book different DJs every week or every night if you want your club to succeed. In addition to that, you need to check out other clubs in your area. See how you can differ from them so that your customers will find you unique.

Clubs often have people too drunk not to keep the peace within the establishment, so you need to hire bouncers to make sure that when someone becomes unruly, you’ll have the proper personnel to evict them from the premises.

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