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Landscaping: How to Utilize the Big Tree in Your Backyard


Having mature trees in your property increases the overall value of the space if you are ready to sell your home and move on to a bigger place. However, if you live in a house with a big tree in the front or backyard, it can be a little challenging. Trees shed a lot of leaves that need to be raked every fall. Because it provides shade, you cannot plant under it. What you are left with is bare earth with an exposed root that might be difficult to integrate into your landscaping plans.

If you have a big tree that you hope to utilize, here are a few ideas to inspire you.

How to Care for a Tree

First, if you want to keep the tree and you want it to be a part of your backyard, you should ensure that it is in good condition.

Trees also get ill. Certain diseases and pests can damage your tree. Find a local gardener or arborist, who is certified by the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) to care for your tree.

A professional will know what is causing the issue and how it can be resolved. Your tree might need fertilization to once again look lush and green.

Trees also need to be trimmed as soon as it gets too tall or wide. Trimming will remove dead wood that, if left alone, might fall on its own and hurt somebody and damage property. For flowering trees, trimming will enhance blooms during spring.

A Hanging Chair

When you were young, you used to have a swing that hangs from a branch of a big tree. You can have the adult version of a swing in the form of a hanging chair.

A hanging chair is a trendy piece of furniture. You can see variations of it on Pinterest and Instagram. There are hanging chairs that can be used inside the house or in the backyard.

A hanging chair is perfect for spaces that do not have an even ground. You do not have to worry about placing chairs under the big tree. You can read your book or just relax under the sun in your hanging chair.

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An Elevated Deck

Here is one way you can cover the uneven ground: create an elevated deck where you can place outdoor furniture without a problem and enjoy the shade. Some homeowners have integrated their tree into their deck. Instead of positioning the deck beside the tree, they cut a hole in the deck for the trunk.

The tree is undisturbed and you have an even space under the shade to relax and have fun.

A Garden that Embraces the Shade

The area under the tree is not completely hopeless. Because grass is unlikely to thrive there, you can instead create a garden that loves shade.

Some plants that are perfect for your little garden under a big tree include ferns, heuchera, oakleaf hydrangea, fuschia, astilbe, foamflower, lobelia, etc. You can decorate the space with rocks for a more natural look.

The tree in your front or backyard can actually be very flexible. It can serve the purpose you want it to serve and use it shade however you want to. All you need is a little bit of imagination and your tree can be a focal point of your perfectly-landscaped space.

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