Is now the right time to let Invisalign Hertfordshire make you smile?

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Time for a change

Having visibly crooked teeth can cause far more damage than you might imagine.

Facemasks aside, we live in an increasingly image-conscious society where a great deal of importance is placed on the aesthetics of how somebody looks.

This is especially permanent for young adults and teenagers, who are somewhat more susceptible to social pressures that may damage their self-image.

Nowadays, by seeking out Invisalign in Hertfordshire, it is entirely possible for those who have visibly misplaced teeth to align them through Invisalign which can be done very discreetly without anyone knowing.

The Invisalign aligner system has allowed countless patients who would otherwise avoid seeking out orthodontic help a chance to comfortably and discretely align their smiles.

What is Invisalign?

The Invisalign aligner system aims to align a patient’s teeth in a way which negates the need for traditional orthodontic tools such as brackets and wires.

Instead, the entire system is based around a series of custom 3D printed, transparent aligners.

Each of these aligners is made from the model created with the scanner of each patient’s tooth shape, and have pressure points built within its structure which apply force to a specific point on a tooth to move the tooth to it’s correct position.

Over time, these pressure points force the desired teeth into place.

As every Invisalign aligners is made using a transparent patented dental plastic known as Smarttrack when a patient wears it over their teeth, it slips entirely out of sight.

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What are the advantages to Invisalign?

Besides the obvious cosmetic benefits of being able to correct your teeth discretely, there are also several other advantages to the Invisalign system over conventional orthodontics:

  • Comfort: Most typical orthodontics require something attached to the patient’s teeth for the treatment duration (often 12 months). Over time, having wires and brackets in your mouth can become uncomfortable – especially when eating.
    Invisalign, however, is a non-invasive removable aligner system. As such, it is found to be far more comfortable than traditional braces.
  • Cleanliness: Another advantage to the Invisalign retainer system over traditional fused braces is that they are far easier to clean.
    Those who have traditional braces often struggle to effectively brush or floss, leading to an increased chance of developing tooth decay and gum issues. As the Invisalign retainer can be taken out, your teeth can brush and floss as they would without any interference.
  • Control: As the aligners are 3D printed they fit very snugly and does not interfere with your speech. They are very comfortable to wear. You only remove them to each or drink.

How can I go about getting Invisalign?

While Invisalign has helped thousands of peoples smiles across the globe, the first step would be to arrange a free consultation.

This allows the expert practitioner to assess a patient’s tooth and gum health and allow them to guide them to a treatment plan.

Anyone interested in Invisalign should contact a trusted local provider today.

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