A Simple Guide to Living an Intentional Life

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In today’s world, we are encouraged to do more, have more, buy more, and be more. Our daily life becomes a hub filled with nothing but health-draining activities, insufficient bank accounts and wallets, and unnecessary physical items. The real problem is, we do not have time to think, reflect, and pause. And the result? Our health and wellness are often sacrificed.

One growing lifestyle movement these days is intentional living. The so-called art of making conscious choices, this lifestyle guides us to living with less. It helps us be more mindful of our values, priorities, and overall wellbeing by focusing on what matters the most. In this blog, we will give you some practical tips on getting started with intentional living (when you are ready).

1. Determine your core values

To set yourself up for a lifestyle change, you need to have clear core values. What do you believe in? Discovering your values does not mean you need to fully understand your entire life. You need to pause and think through what matters to you the most. Is it having a simple, minimal life? Is it creating a safer home for your family? Or, is it living independently?

One cool and fun way to help you figure out your values is to start a self-discovery journal. The process can be short or long, depending on you. Avoid pressuring yourself, as this will only lead to frustration and loss of motivation. Take your time.

2. Establish a growth mindset

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According to Carol Dweck, author of Mindset and a Psychology professor at Standford University, people with a growth mindset tend to worry less, achieve more, and possess more energy towards learning. And this is one special ingredient of intentional living. This lifestyle is always changing or evolving, particularly depending on your current needs and necessities.

To live an intentional life, you need to be open to new opinions about life and learn something that can add value to your wellbeing. Some ways to develop and improve a growth mindset include embracing imperfections, cultivating a sense of purpose, considering challenges as opportunities, and placing hard work before talent.

3. Look at the areas of your life

Once you’ve figured out your values and establish a growth mindset, it’s time to implement that into the different areas of your life. Essentially, you should reevaluate your life and determine your priorities. The first place to look at is your habits. Are your current activities involve improving your mental or physical health? How are you spending most of your days? Next, check on your finances. Are you aware of your spending habits? Are you able to save enough each month?

Don’t forget to also look into your health. Do you treat your mind and body with good food? Are you practicing a healthy morning routine every day? Other areas to evaluate include your belongings, environment, and life relationships.

4. Invest in improving your space

Your home is the place where you spend more of your energy and time. Another aspect of intentional living is creating a better home for yourself or the family. You can start by getting rid of stuff that no longer adds value to your daily life. Keep your space tidy and only bring in things that you need or love.

Instead of buying artworks that you don’t even appreciate, invest in things that improve its security and comfort, and not just for aesthetics alone. Invest in a home security system for your family’s safety or replace that old HVAC for a better indoor environment. Living with intention is about being mindful and wise of what you buy or bring into your home.

5. Take the pause

Pay attention to yourself as well. Take a pause and recognize your state of mind and emotions. What triggers your negative thoughts and feelings? What healthy self-care habits can help you from this? A pause also applies to every action you take. This is the perfect moment to assess whether your action aligns with your ideals, which is helpful if you’re an impulse buyer. Before you buy that new cardigan, pause for a moment and ask yourself these: Do you really need it now? Are you willing to put away one of your current pieces for it?

Don’t let your life become an endless cycle of consuming things that don’t positively impact your health and wellness. Revamp your life and make it intentional with the lifestyle tips listed in this article. Stop living on autopilot and begin living a life aligned with your passions, beliefs, and values. Best of luck!

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