Making Your RV Feel More Spacious

An RV is essentially a tiny home on wheels, and if you’re not used to staying in a small space for extended periods of time, it can get a little stressful. Unfortunately, most RVs can’t be extended (unless you get a model that can expand), but there are ways you can make the space look bigger:

1. Prioritize storage space

When you have lots of storage space in an RV, there are fewer problems with clutter. Look for an RV and boat dealer in Lousiana, for example, that carries models with lots of storage space both inside and outside the camper.

2. Go for bunk beds

If you plan to use the RV for family vacations, the best way to provide a comfortable sleeping space for everyone is to choose an RV with bunk beds. In general, you can fit around 4-6 single bunk beds, depending on the size of your RV.

3. Declutter

A lot of families pack their RV with essentials to ensure the comfort and safety of their trip. However, some of these “essentials” might be packed in excess–or shouldn’t be brought along the trip at all.

To make your RV less cluttered and cramped, get rid of anything that you don’t need before leaving the house, be it an extra 30-pack of toilet paper or a bunch of magazines no one really reads.

4. Pack light

packing light

Make it a rule among your passengers to pack light, which means bringing only a minimal amount of stuff on the RV. Otherwise, a pile of suitcases and bags may end up taking over most of your living space.

5. Free counter space

A cluttered kitchen counter is a mess waiting to happen in a moving vehicle. Keep your counter clean and free from clutter by hanging utensils, storing almost everything in cabinets, and bringing only essential cookware. If you need more space for food, use stackable crates to save space. Not only does an uncluttered counter free up more space, but it also makes your RV look more spacious.

6. Use wall space

Using wall space is always a good tip if you want to make a room more spacious, and this also applies to RVs. Hang pegboards for utensils and small items, install racks in the bathroom for toiletries, use a hanging shoe organizer, and put more shelves to increase storage space. Even if you’re technically occupying space, it won’t make the room feel more cramped as compared to using floor or counter space.

7. Downsize furniture

Many RVs come with built-in furniture, but you can always rearrange them or replace them with smaller ones. Moreover, if you don’t need a certain piece of furniture (e.g. the couch or an extra bed), you can opt to remove them entirely to make more room.

RVs are rarely spacious, but that doesn’t mean you can’t free up a little more space here and there. Use these tips to make your RV roomier and more organized. Aside from the obvious benefit of having more space, you’re also indirectly reducing your clutter-related stress for a much more rewarding vacation.

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