Must-Have Tech Enhancements for More Fun Trips in Your Family Car

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A family car with ample and comfortable space is the best purchase any household could make. Now, everyone is relaxed while on the way to the movies, to the beach or a family reunion. You can even enhance the experience with high-tech car fittings.

Whether you have bought the family car from a Mazda or Holden dealer in NZ, you have the liberty to install these family-friendly devices in your car:

Multi-port car charger

Going on a long family trip? Have your phones fully charged before the trip. But what if you run out of phone battery while on the road? This will be the least of your worries if you have a multi-port car charger in the car. Everyone can easily plug in their drained devices.

The best car chargers are versatile and can be used with any cable type, as well as multiple USB ports, so many people can use it simultaneously. It should also have a quick-charge feature through a high-amp output, so you can get some battery life back in minutes.

Wi-Fi mobile hotspot

There are a few ways to install Wi-Fi in your car. The easier is to have a Wi-Fi dongle you can plug into your car’s charger, so it can turn into a Wi-Fi hotspot. Buying a portable router achieves the same, except you don’t need to plug this one.

Another option is to have a wireless modem unit permanently fitted to your car. It might be costlier, but it provides a stronger connection, and you can’t forget this one at home.

Car racks

Car racks can be installed either to the rear or trunk or onto the roof of your car to carry large kits that couldn’t otherwise fit inside the vehicle.

Before buying a vehicle roof rack, decide first on what you’ll use one for. Do you usually need to transport mountain backs, small skis, large pieces of luggage, canoes or kayaks? You’ll also have to see how your vehicle is outfitted. Check your car’s year, make and model, as well as its weight capacity, to know if it would be able to carry the rack.

Roof-mounted cargo box

Another way you can stow away baggage is to install a rooftop cargo carrier. This is more suitable for storing supplies for camping, moving houses or a week-long vacation, so you’d have more space inside the vehicle.

Check if your vehicle has built-in crossbars or an aftermarket base roof rack system before buying your cargo box. Select one that has easy-to-use locks and is resistant to wind, rain and snow.

Bluetooth in-car speakers

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With Bluetooth stereos in your car, long travels will never be boring again. This nifty device lets you control the tunes from the car’s entertainment console. This way, you won’t have to scroll through your phone trying to find the perfect jam. Plus, it automatically wakes and pairs to familiar devices, so you won’t be distracted while driving.

There are portable Bluetooth stereos, but you can also have one built into your car. Just upgrade your current stereo to a Bluetooth-capable one, and you’re set.

Thermoelectric cooler

Perfect for those families who tend to get thirsty while on the road, a thermoelectric cooler can keep beverages hot or cold for hours. They’re small, lightweight and mobile, so they can fit perfectly inside any vehicle. They’re also friendlier to the environment than other portable fridges because they don’t contain CFC refrigerants.

Of course, the fun only starts when you bring the whole family along. So invite everyone aboard and make your family trips more fun and memorable with these car enhancements.

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