Pathways to Boosting Your Confidence

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There are perhaps hundreds of medical spa and cosmetic surgery clinics spread all over Utah. A dear friend, who’s a life coach and image guru, advised you to consider getting one of the specials, which included mole removal, at a nearby clinic. She said that not everyone could carry a mole a la Cindy Crawford. She wasn’t pushing you to get a Botox or some other serious procedure.

She’s just convinced that image-wise, you can feel and look better without the mole. You often admit that it does bother you to the point that it affects your confidence. And you know that is where your friend is coming from.

You finally got an interview at a big company where your skills and knowledge will be valued. You’ve been tipped that crucial to landing the job is performing well during the interview. But the mole brings your confidence down. Should you indeed run to that nearby medical spa for treatment?

Let’s Get the Mole Out of the Way

Mole-removal in the UK increased by 127% in 2015 compared to 2014. Your friend might be on to something.

Consultant dermatologists say that people shouldn’t worry too much. Still, the National Health Service (NHS) advises everyone to monitor their moles and watch out for any drastic change.

Madonna removed her mole. Cindy Crawford kept hers. Both are very successful women and very confident. It’s your inner feeling that counts and one that you should depend on. There is, however, wisdom in understanding the input of people close to you. After contemplating, you can then decide whether to go to that medical spa or not.

Is Image Everything?

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Sadly, “Image Is Everything” wasn’t just an ad campaign for Canon cameras back in the early ‘90s. The concept permeates our daily lives.

Another expression that reinforces this tag line is, “First impressions last!” If you weren’t dressed properly and the three other fellow interviewees were, then you’re going to be remembered for something bad rather than for something good. Your image might not be everything, but visuals will always be essential during a face-to-face interview.

Beyond the removal of the mole, try to see what else you can improve about yourself. Ask your image consultant-friend honest questions, like “What body language might be taken against me during the interview?” What she will say might hurt, but you know that she will be sincere.

The Lebanese American poet Khalil Gibran said it best: “Your pain is the breaking of the shell that encloses your understanding.” Let Gibran’s thoughts be your inspiration to be bolder.

Nothing Wrong About Going for a Treatment

It does not have to be all about vanity. Many clinics offer a wide range of services. Take baby steps and identify one that can help you feel good about yourself, like a simple waxing or a chemical peeling procedure.

The Alternative

It’s all about bringing out the power that resides inside. You can sign up for one of the many personal development programs out there. Personal development programs aim to improve one’s self-awareness, direction, clarity, and motivation.

Changing your physical appearance will also help. But self-reflection, listening to people who matter, and knowing alternative steps are key paths to a more confident you.

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