Plumbing Promotions: Tips on How to Get More Customers

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Every residential and commercial establishment have plumbing needs, whether it’s for repairing, installing, or upgrading their plumbing, which is why there are many plumbing companies out there. But even if you have the best service crew and the best equipment, it would go to waste if you don’t invest in marketing. As such, here are marketing tips that can help you gain more customers for your plumbing business:

Logo and Slogan

A distinctive and eye-catching logo and a memorable or catchy slogan can help your customers notice and remember your plumbing business, even if they don’t require any repair or maintenance work just yet. If they’re able to see your logo and read your slogan in passing and can remember it due to its novelty or “catchiness”, the more likely they’ll be thinking of calling or contacting your business as soon as they need any plumbing work done for their homes.

Print Marketing

You can use your personal or business vehicle for marketing your plumbing business by painting or sticking the logo, slogan, as well as your contact information (and address) on your vehicle(s). Additionally, you can also pass out brochures (with promotions and discounts to make them more appealing) in high-traffic areas. There are also printing agencies that allow you to print your logo, slogan, and info on tumblers, pens, and other everyday items that you can use for marketing.

Initiate Partnerships and Promote Loyalty

Contact subdivisions, homeowners associations, apartments, and even offices to try to secure a partnership with them so you can have long-term business engagements. For existing customers, you can try to promote loyalty by providing promos and other discounts for referrals or future plumbing services. But remember that the best way to promote loyalty is ensuring that you do your job properly — in other words, let your work speak for itself, and your satisfied customers would recommend you to their friends and relatives.

Online Marketing

Nowadays, most consumers (and your potential customers) have smartphones, laptops, and computers allowing them to search online for the services they need as well as read up on reviews. You should also know that possibly most of your competition also has an online presence, so you’ll pretty much want to in the following online marketing strategies to stay competitive:

Website and Online Presence. It’s integral that you create a simple, ad-free, and straightforward website that contains your brand, business, services, contact information, and perhaps even a feedback section. Later on, you can develop your site to process bookings and appointments. Make sure that you also register your business on maps and online directories.

Social Media. Most of your customers would also have social media accounts, and would sometimes even search for services through social media. So create a social media page and post their frequently, and ensure that you have someone in charge to answer any queries and appointments made through your social media page.

SEO. It’s not enough to simply have a website. If your website isn’t optimized for search engines, chances are your plumbing business’ website won’t even come up when people do an online search for plumbing services in their area. Applying Search Engine Optimization (SEO) practices to your website, or better yet hiring an SEO company or service provider can help make your business more visible online.

Use Software for Faster Response

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Having a quote and invoice software isn’t necessarily a marketing tool, but having these at your disposal would help you provide potential or inquiring customers with quotes quickly, which can be a deciding factor when they’re choosing plumbing service providers. Remember that most customers calling for plumbing services are already experiencing the plumbing issue and would want to have it fixed as soon as possible; the rate at which you’ll be able to respond (either through email, chatting, texting, or calling) can be quite detrimental.


Although plumbing is one of the most common maintenance and repair service that residential and commercial establishments require, you should always stay competitive not only in quality and pricing but also in marketing.

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