Revitalize Your Drab Porch into a Fab Living Space

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People equate porches to outdoor home extensions. These spaces are ideal as guest receiving areas, breakfast nooks, or places to relax after a long day at work or in school. Since your porch is an extra outdoor living space, why not spruce it up to make it a fun place to be in? This article presents some renovation and decorating ideas for your porch.

Include More Flora

The cheapest way to spruce up your porch is to include more flora or plants. Aside from repainting your porch, plants (especially local varieties) help breathe life and add color to it. Consider container gardening because it can help address possible space issues on your porch.

Potted plants have good drains to prevent water buildup. Petunias are ideal for porches due to their vibrant color, and they thrive in hanging pots. Pair them with geraniums, which are also colorful, to add more color accent to your porch. If you want to plant honeysuckle, make sure that your patio has enough beams for it to crawl over. It will give your porch a rustic vibe.

Wood Rot Isn’t Good

Rotting wood isn’t good because it affects the structural integrity of your entire porch. Wood rot is a safety concern because it can cause accidents when you’re walking. It’s a common occurrence because porch wood boards are closely packed, and they can’t “breathe” properly.

Wood expands and contracts, depending on the weather, and if you can’t breathe, it will retain moisture. Moisture causes rotting and, most of the time, termites. Porch repair experts in Salt Lake City advise that any rotten wood should be replaced with treated or engineered wood. These types of wood weather better and prevent termite infestation.

Redo Your Porch Door


Upgrading your porch door helps update your entire porch’s design feel. The door is always the focal point of any space, and it needs to stand out. If you have a substantial budget, you can opt to change your door with a new one. Wooden doors with glass inserts are elegant, while fiberglass doors are robust and hard-wearing.

Repainting your door is a cost-effective technique of redoing your old porch door. It’s also a good do-it-yourself (DIY) project that you can accomplish during the weekend. Another practical suggestion is installing door knockers on your door. A brass or bronze door knocker can upgrade your door’s look.

Handpicked Furniture Can Do Wonders

Furniture helps transform a space, and picking the best furniture is vital to your porch’s revamp project. Start looking for furniture to put in your new outdoor space. Don’t skimp on your budget; set aside a considerable amount for furniture shopping. Outdoor sofas or sectional seating will provide comfortable seating for you and your guests.

Rattan furniture is also ideal for porches because it is weather-proofed for outdoor use. Wrought-iron tables and chairs help add character to your porch. If you want to make the space cozier, consider adding a two-seater swing. It’s a great space to spend time with a loved one.

Aside from furniture, consider including ceiling fans, ornate lighting fixtures, and ceiling-to-floor drapes. These can turn your porch into an elegant space.

Whether it’s a front or back porch, these design ideas can help you decide on how to change it into a plush living area.

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