Woman wearing invisalign

Myths About Invisalign in Richmond

was introduced in the 1990s and since then it has become a popular method for discreet teeth straightening among adults. Patients who have to live with crooked, crowded or spaced

woman having her teeth and braces cleaned

Incognito in Weybridge Explained

Incognito is a type of teeth straightening treatment that involves placing braces on the backs of the teeth. Also known as lingual braces due to their position opposite the tongue,

Woman wearing braces

Smile with Confidence

The unrestrained smile of a child is a joy to see. As adults the ability to smile so fearlessly and unashamedly can fade for a number of reasons; feeling self-conscious

Woman Wearing Clear Braces

Choice is Great – Braces in Cheltenham

One of the best ways for someone to feel like they have control over their dental treatment is for them to be well-informed about their options so that they can

Smiling woman with braces

No One is Too Old for Braces in Milton Keynes

People tend to associate wearing braces in Milton Keynes with adolescence, and while it is true that the majority of people receiving braces treatment are children or young teenagers, teeth

Dentist examining the teeth

Discreet and Comfortable Braces in Camden

Unless it’s from Paddington bear, no one wants to receive a hard stare. It’s remarkably uncomfortable, especially when one is trying to be professional. No wonder so many adults, even

Dentist putting on clear braces for patient

The Key to Longer Lasting Teeth

Given the choice, hanging onto one’s teeth for the whole of one’s life is far more preferable to having to replace them with dental implants, dentures or bridges. But is

Picture of a woman's white teeth

Who Needs Braces in Leeds?

Ever wondered how many adults need braces in Leeds? Probably more than will actually go and get braces fitted. Often, people don’t go and see a dentist about getting their

Woman holding an invisible braces and a denture

Breaking Free from the Stigma of Braces

Braces have a lot of associations in people’s minds. They are linked with adolescence and people picture metal train tracks when they think of braces. It doesn’t have to be

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