dental care

Dental Health and Oral Care

Affordable dental implants

Having dental implants abroad is a way to regain dental function at a reasonable cost. After teeth are lost, the general condition of a person’s mouth can often start to

Dental Health and Oral Care

Stability is the key to replacement teeth

When it comes to having to replace lost teeth, there are 2 aspects that the replacement teeth must fulfil. They have to look like natural teeth, and they have to

Dentist showing patient's dentures

Really Great Dentures in Edinburgh

For too long now, dentures have been the butt of various jokes: from grannies losing their teeth blowing out birthday cakes on Instagram and wind-up chattering teeth to sweeties made

woman is sedated while dentist is checking her mouth

Strategies for Overcoming Dental Fear

Patients who are afraid to visit the dentist and keep postponing their appointments, often think that dental problems will go away without treatment. However, this notion is entirely unsubstantiated. Small

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