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An Update on Implant Dentistry

Almost sixty years after their introduction, dental implants remain a reliable and successful treatment for missing teeth. Where they used to be too expensive and out of reach for most

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Myths About Invisalign in Richmond

was introduced in the 1990s and since then it has become a popular method for discreet teeth straightening among adults. Patients who have to live with crooked, crowded or spaced

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Smile with Confidence

The unrestrained smile of a child is a joy to see. As adults the ability to smile so fearlessly and unashamedly can fade for a number of reasons; feeling self-conscious

Man with Missing Teeth

What Will Happen if You Neglect Your Teeth?

Thousands of people across states suffer from dental problems. Although going to a dentist in GA can help you with treating the problem, it’s always best to understand how it happened

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Long-term replacements

For adults in Milton Keynes, dental implants offer a long-lasting solution to the oral health difficulties associated with missing teeth. The patient can receive these fully-functioning replacements for any number

Timely Treatment

Acute dental discomfort can strike at any time. When this happens, the crucial thing to do is to quickly get professional dental help. At the emergency dentist in Mackay, effective

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Whiter smiles

Teeth can slowly but surely lose their natural whiteness over the years. If a person’s oral hygiene routine isn’t very rigorous, they can develop stains on their teeth’s enamel surfaces.

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Zygomatic dental implants in South Yorkshire

Sometimes, patients are not eligible for regular implant dentistry as they do not have enough jawbone to support implant restorations. Patients with a lack of jawbone tissue in their upper

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