Dentist examining the teeth

Discreet and Comfortable Braces in Camden

Unless it’s from Paddington bear, no one wants to receive a hard stare. It’s remarkably uncomfortable, especially when one is trying to be professional. No wonder so many adults, even

Kid smiling

The cost of a new smile

There is no longer anything out of the ordinary about people in the UK considering cosmetic dentistry. These days, it just a case of choosing which dentist to go to

Man being checked by a dentist

Giving teeth the care they deserve

Teeth should last a lifetime, but it is easy to forget about them apart from a quick clean morning and night. Prevention is better than cure and having dental problems

Woman being checked by a dentist

Replacing teeth that have been knocked out

It’s not at all uncommon for people to get their teeth knocked out, in, say, a sporting accident. When this happens, the advice is to get to an emergency dentist

woman is sedated while dentist is checking her mouth

New Ways to Pleasant Dental Experiences

It’s amazing how many advances there have been in dentistry in the last few decades. Dental implants (replacement teeth that work as well as natural teeth) are pretty much routine

Dentist examining the teeth

Permanent tooth replacement

When a patient loses a tooth, it can be a stressful and painful experience. Dentists will always recommend that the patient should consider their tooth replacement options as soon as

A woman getting implants

When Things Get Tricky for Teeth

Although for the vast majority of people who want to get dental implants, this now mainstream tooth replacement treatment is very straightforward, there area minority of cases where things are

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