Woman being checked by a dentist

Replacing teeth that have been knocked out

It’s not at all uncommon for people to get their teeth knocked out, in, say, a sporting accident. When this happens, the advice is to get to an emergency dentist

Dentist explaining to patient

Dental Options to Save Your Natural Tooth

Saving your natural tooth should be your priority when you have a dental infection or injury. Even the most expensive bridges and implants can’t truly replace the look, feel, and

woman is sedated while dentist is checking her mouth

New Ways to Pleasant Dental Experiences

It’s amazing how many advances there have been in dentistry in the last few decades. Dental implants (replacement teeth that work as well as natural teeth) are pretty much routine

a dentist explaining denta results with a patient

What is a Treatment Co-ordinator?

Signing up to a new dental practice means getting a service from a whole team of people. This might include a receptionist, other members of an administration team and a

The Digital Age and Your Dental Practice

Digital dentistry may have started to affect your dental practice, which is unsurprising since the technology has an impact on everyone in the industry, according to Gary Kaye, New York Center for

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