Oral hygiene

Woman speaking with dentist on a dental clinic

5 Dental Sealants Myths, Debunked

Thanks to fluorides, improved dental hygiene, and regular dental checkups, tooth decay is on the decline. Still, cavities affect more kids than any other childhood disease. Also, millions of adults

How Necessary is an Age One Dental Visit?

According to the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, it is important that children visit a dentist by age one. But why such early dental appointments? An initial dental visit gives

Sugar-Free Gum and Your Oral Health

When it comes to preventing tooth decay, brushing and flossing daily are two of your best weapons. While there are no substitutes for these habits, studies suggest that chewing sugar-free

Tooth Sensitivity: Prevention and Treatment

When it comes to tooth sensitivity, proper oral hygiene is still you best defense. This is because poor dental habits let bacteria accumulate around the teeth, which may develop into

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