Tech Trends That Are Changing Business in 2020

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The world of technology is progressing quickly, and each year, it continues to shift in impactful ways that keep businesses on their toes, trying to keep up with the changing demands of the public. In 2020, the world has seen a slew of economic upheavals and globally significant events that have made businesses make the necessary adjustments to keep thriving. With that said, there are still innovations happening that are looking to see an even bigger spotlight shone on them as the new standard.

Here are a few of the tech trends seeing a significant response in the market:

Interactive Digital Marketing

With everyone cooped up at home for the majority of 2020, there have been fewer avenues to reach the consumer market besides their mobile phones and computers. The Internet has mostly stood as the thread that continues to keep everyone connected despite the shift to remote work and social distancing. With a sudden barrage of content and media vying for the attention of people scrolling through their feed and surfing different sites, the tactic that has gained more traction is interactive digital marketing.

Whether it’s by using augmented reality technology or simply making use of posts on social media that get people to swipe, filter, and more, this increased tactic for engagement is becoming the boss for brands and marketers alike. This tactic has even proven to be highly effective for B2B set-ups, as shown by campaigns by the likes of WWHaT Digital, which is primarily targeted toward that sector.

Further Adoption of ACPCs

With the reliance for technology to keep society running increasing with the major turning point of the world, the “Always Connected Personal Computer” has become an even more viable concept. Even though the first products of its kind have been available to the public since as early as 2017, today’s models pack everything together better. These ACPCs are essentially lightweight laptops that run on a processor usually reserved for smartphones. That provides a much longer battery life, lighter weight and thinner frame, and significantly faster boot times.

The most significant benefit here, though, would arguably be the faster LTE-ready connectivity that these PC hybrids carry. That makes it less dependent on Wi-Fi and allows users to stay securely connected all the time, even if they have to rely on mobile data.

AI Communications

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From chatbots answering tons of queries to sifting through order forms, the online business category is going to see a lot more utilization of AI as a means of first-line communication to their customers. As e-commerce has seen a major boost throughout the year, it also means more consumers seeking information and having different concerns to bring up. With restrictions and regulations in place, the number of queries simply outnumbers the workforce most businesses have. That’s where innovations in the capabilities of integrated artificial intelligence come in. Over time, it’s expected that most customers won’t even realize they are chatting with a bot for simple concerns.

It’s interesting to see what businesses have adopted to adjust accordingly, and it seems there is more to come.

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