The Art of Modern Proposals: a Man’s Guide to Popping the Question in 2020


If fate would have it, you’d only pop the question once in your life. Of course, you want it to go smoothly. But times have changed and what worked for your parents might not work for you and your partner today. So the question remains: How must a gentleman propose to his true love in the modern time?

Proposing in the 20th Century

Gone are the days when putting on a public performance was a surefire way to get a lady to say yes to a marriage proposal. Here are things you should consider before popping the question to your partner:

Factor #1: When to Pop the Question

Marriage proposals often come hand in hand with surprises, and for obvious reasons. You want to keep the suspense by popping the question out of nowhere. After all, there’s a certain flair to seeing your woman astounded by your moves, right? But to make sure you’re getting the engagement out on the right foot, discuss the idea of marriage with your partner beforehand. It also helps if you ask the blessing of her parents before kneeling with a ring in your hand. This comes handy if you want to ensure that things won’t go downhill on the day of the proposal and avoid making her feel like you’re putting her on the spot.

Factor #2: Should You Keep It Intimate?

You should know by now that not all people like being the center of attention. If your girl is an introvert and would rather you pop the question without the prying eyes of strangers, keep it private. Films and social media might make you think that going grand and public is the way to go, but remember that it’s an intimate moment that must be shared by the two of you.

Factor #3: Proposing on a Holiday

Valentine's Day

Unless you want Christmas Day or Valentine’s Day to be ruined forever in case things go wrong between you and your true love, spare yourself the pain and don’t propose on significant holidays. Even if you’re positive she’ll say yes (see Factor #1), you still have to think about the big picture and assume the worst. And by picture, we meant not throwing away the possibility that the marriage will go down the drain.

Factor #4: Picking the Right Ring

You’ve probably been told that it’s the thought that counts, so you’re thinking of going ring shopping without having any particular type in mind. Well, sorry to burst your bubble, but there could be a “right” ring for your partner. Take her allergies, for example. If she’s sensitive to nickel, you might as well consider rose gold promise rings since white gold rings can trigger those allergies.

Factor #5: Personalizing the Proposal

Make it more romantic by getting symbolic with the flowers. While most gentlemen go for the default (carnations, daffodils, and roses), it helps if you know your belle’s preference. Oh, remember that first meal you cooked for her? Or the first song you danced to during Junior Prom? Where did you first meet? Perhaps that would make the perfect proposal location. It might not seem like it, but really, the details matter.

When planning your proposal, remember that there’s no right way to do it. As long as you respect each other’s wishes and speak from the heart, you are a few words away from a happily ever after.

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