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The Perks of Having a Gym in Your Garage


During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, many of our favorite commercial establishments had to close for the time being. We understood the reasoning behind this rule. It’s all in the name of social distancing, which is arguably the best way to maintain health safety after the vaccine. But among those commercial establishments were gyms. For many of us, working out is the best way to uplift our mood.

Some experts call this “the exercise effect.” Physical activity increases the release of serotonin, which is a great mood booster. With the gyms closed, we started improvising at home to maintain our exercise routine. We went to our gardens or any other open space. We laid out an exercise mat, played videos of exercise guides, and got on with it.

Now, though, with the distribution of vaccines, more establishments are open. Gyms are included. But even if this is the case, we should still consider taking our home workouts up a notch. And we can do this by building a home gym. Some would say that they don’t have space for it at home.

But most of us rarely use our garages anyway. It’s mostly just storage these days. But we can utilize that space and create a gym in it. All we’ll need to do is make sure that the garage is in top shape. Acquire repair services for garage doors. Clean the area a bit. Then we’re good to go.

Here’s why we should settle for a garage gym at home.

Health Safety

In December 2020, the University of Oregon’s Consulting Group published a study stating that gyms have a low risk in COVID-19 transmissions. Restaurants and bars still have a much higher risk. But even if gyms have a low risk, it’s still a risk. And we can completely avoid that risk by working out at home instead.

Yes, vaccines are being distributed all over the world right now. Millions of people have already been vaccinated from the coronavirus. But the risk is still out there. So if we can, we should try our best to avoid that risk. And we can do that by working out in our garage gym instead.

Save More Time and Energy

Going to the gym seems like such a mundane task. We get up earlier in the morning to drive or commute to the gym and do our workout before going to the office. Or if we prefer it, we would go to the gym at night after work. But what we don’t often realize is that this routine can take a lot of our time and energy every day.

But with a garage gym, we’re eliminating this issue. When we’re ready for an exercise session, we need to make the short trip down to our garage, and that’s it. We’ll be in the middle of our cardio routine in two minutes or less.

home gym

Free Use of All Equipment Anytime

Many might argue that building a garage gym would lead to high expenses. And yes, that’s true. Buying gym equipment alone will already cost hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars. But we can also look at this as an investment. We’re investing in our own health and wellness.

And by investing in our own equipment, we’re also eliminating the struggle of waiting in lines and sharing equipment with strangers in the gym. And we can use them anytime we want. Again, this would help us a lot if we have a jam-packed schedule. Plus, we also won’t have to worry about privacy. Because our gym is in our garages, we won’t ever have to worry about the prying eyes of fellow gym-goers and our neighbors.

Bonding Time with Family

Today, most, if not all, in our families are working or studying from home. So with everyone spending much of our days together, we might as well include working out as part of our bonding time. It isn’t easy to persuade people to become our gym buddies if we actually have to go out and go to the gym.

But with a garage gym, it’s much easier to encourage our families to work out with us. Thus, we can help each other out and bond as we try to stay fit.

No one can deny that creating a garage gym is much more costly than purchasing a membership in public gyms. But no one can also deny that having our own private gyms in our garages will lead to many benefits. It’s much more convenient and enjoyable. And it would help us stay motivated and actually exercise regularly–which is the ultimate goal anyway.

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