Travel Tips: How to Pack Your Jewelry When Traveling

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Your jewelry would not take a lot of space in your baggage since most of them are small. However, if you just stuff them into your bag without any type of protection or casing, then you would most likely run the chance of damaging or even losing them.

Below, we will discuss a couple of things to remember when travelling with your gold anklets for women or basically any type of jewelry.

Make a List of What to Bring

You would not want to forget an important piece of jewelry during your trip, which is why you should make a list of what to bring before you go. Choose your outfits so you can coordinate your jewelry with them. Make sure that most of your clothes will look good with the jewelry you are bringing with you so you would not have to bring tons of clothes. Keep the list with you until you come back home so you can check if anything is missing once you’re back.

Keep it in Safe Containers

Gold jewelry and pearls in a box Copy SpaceThe best way to avoid losing your jewelry is to store them in small boxes. If you have a small jewelry box that you can bring with you, then store your jewelry there instead. However, if you want to save some space, then store your jewelry in small Ziploc bags and keep them separated so they would not get tangled in the process.

You can also take photos and videos of your jewelry before you leave. Take a good look at each picture and video to see if all of the jewelry that you brought with you is complete.

Put it in Your Carry-On Bag

Never put your jewelry inside your check-in luggage, as you can easily lose them this way. Make sure to store all of your jewelry inside your carry-on bag, as this is a lot more convenient and safe.

You can also choose to wear it instead of putting it inside a bag. However, you should avoid looking too fancy or flashy, especially if you are travelling alone. This can attract thieves, which you would want to avoid during your trip. If you can, hide the jewelry inside your clothes so you would not look too flashy at the airport and when you are out and about.

Get Insurance for Your Jewelry

Make sure to get insurance for your jewelry before you leave the country. This will help you ensure that you’d get your money back if you ever lose the jewelry during your trip abroad. This will also help a lot if your jewelry gets damaged. Jewelry insurance doesn’t cost that much, yet it is a good measure to take if you want to take good care of your jewelry.

Check your jewelry every once in a while when you are travelling. Keep it safe by following these tips whenever you are travelling. Nothing is more disheartening than losing your special ring or necklace, and we would not want you to experience that.

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