Turning that Vehicle Into a Charming Tiny Home: What to Know


People around the country are transforming school buses into tiny homes called Skoolies. School buses are a great choice because they are affordable and relatively easy to convert. That noted one can also convert a truck, ambulance, lorry, or even a Prius. For people who want a motor home but do not want to buy an RV, transforming any of these vehicles into a motor home is a great choice. It also gives them a great DIY project to keep them busy, and they can buy any of these used cars from an auto dealer in their area.

Buying the Vehicle

The first step to converting a motor vehicle into a tiny home is buying it. The age, location, and condition of the cars help auto dealers determine their prices. That means a truck in good condition will cost more than one that is in bad shape. A 72-seater bus in good condition, for example, starts from $3000 and, the conversion will create about 200 square feet of livable space for the new owner. A smaller vehicle will cost less but have a smaller living space. One can buy an old bus, ambulance, or used truck from the following places. Some of these dealerships do not look for credit checks or require a credit score.

  • Dealerships: Check online for auto dealers that sell used vehicles.
  • Online Auctions: eBay and Public Surplus often have listings for used cars, trucks, and buses.
  • Local classifieds: Local newspapers, websites, and even Craigslist have listings for used vehicles too.

tiny home

Before bidding on a vehicle, every buyer must check its maintenance history and any signs of widespread rusting. Good maintenance history means that it is in good condition and will not need extensive repairs to drive comfortably. If there is rust on the chassis, the roof, and the floor, it is not advisable to buy it.

Buyers should also think about the size and how any maintenance issues will affect its longevity. It would not be wise to buy a car or truck that will only work for a few months and cost a lot of money to repair. A bus is trickier to drive as compared to trucks or small cars. People who do not have any experience driving larger vehicles are wise to invest in driving classes if they decide to convert a school bus.


After buying the vehicle, the next step is conversion. For people who want to DIY a Skoolie, it will cost between $10,000 and $30,000 to complete the project. The larger the bus, the more it will cost. For people who choose to convert a smaller vehicle such as a sedan, a van, or a truck, the project will be cheaper and use up less time. People can reduce costs by using recycled materials and a lot of elbow grease. The construction will require insulation boards, flooring, plywood, and installing a plumbing and electrical system.

A tiny home allows owners to take their homes with them anywhere they go. A motor home will offer all the amenities of a home at an affordable price.


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