Ideas for Enhancing Natural Light in Your Home


Natural light is one of the first things home buyers and renters look for when looking at their options. And it makes sense: Natural light can greatly reduce energy costs, it’s good for our general health and well-being, and it stabilizes our circadian rhythm.

If your home does not have enough windows, or you think they’re not big enough, they shouldn’t disqualify you from basking in the glow of natural light. Here are some things you can do to increase the natural light in your home.

Incorporate more mirrors and shiny pieces

The rule of thumb is to add more mirrors to make your space look bigger, but did you know that placing a big one across one of your windows can double the amount of light that goes into the room? Mirrors and other shiny pieces can help the light bounce back and forth into the room, so it’s good to add fixtures like:

  • Decorative full-length mirrors
  • Metallic faucets and light fixtures, like silver, gold, or rose gold
  • Furniture pieces with chrome, mirror, or glass accents
  • Silver or shiny ceramic photo frames
  • Bathroom tiles with high reflection

Go for a lighter color palette

Whites, creams, nudes, soft earth tones, and pastel colors can go a long way in letting the sunlight bounce in your room. You can also bring in the natural colors of the sun, like soft oranges, yellows, and terracotta. If your style does not lean towards neutral or minimalist, you can incorporate the 60-30-10 design principle to allow more accent colors into your living space.

Invest in new and lighter-colored furniture

One of the best investments that can brighten up any home is new furniture pieces. If your couch, tables, and chairs have not been replaced or repainted in decades, maybe now is the time to spruce them up or replace them completely. If the piece is salvageable, consider painting it white or another color. Have your couch reupholstered so that it matches the new light and bright theme of your home.

Cover or paint over your overhangs

Your house’s overhangs serve a wonderful purpose: They protect you from extreme weather, but they could be one of the biggest obstacles to sunlight. To combat this problem, you can opt to have your overhangs painted white to let the light back. Don’t be too concerned about your overhangs not matching with the rest of your exteriors; the eaves are angled inward so that your home’s curb appeal will not be affected.

Make sure the windows are always spotless


You would be surprised just how much clean windows can improve natural light in your home. Because we get used to how our homes look like since we spend most of our time in them, we tend not to notice just how dusty and dirty our windows can be. Hire a team of professionals to clean your windows and see just how much it can brighten up your space. Not only will it improve the aesthetics of your room, but it can also help you combat allergens and other harmful bacteria.

Go for lighter window treatments

It goes without saying that to let more light in, you need to ditch the black-out drapes and the heavy materials for your curtains. Go for light, airy, soft, and sheer materials that still provide privacy. You can also opt for blinds since they allow you to control the amount of light you want to let in with a simple twist.

Choose ceramic or stone floors

What often gets lost in the conversation when we think of letting more natural light is the flooring. While your floors don’t necessarily need to be white, but stone or ceramic flooring with a shiny or polished finish can go a long way in providing more reflection. If you’re choosing wood, make sure that it’s on the lighter brown side of the spectrum. If your room needs to have a carpet, go for neutral or light colors.

Trim your trees and shrubberies regularly

While trees and well-maintained shrubs can help enhance the value of your home, it also goes without saying that as they grow, they also add more shade to your property. Make sure that you keep your trees and shrubs well-trimmed so that they don’t darken the inside of your home too much.

Even if your home has limited windows, there are plenty of remedies you can do to ensure that natural light can come in until you can renovate your home. Follow these tips to ensure that light and warmth enter your home during this time of the pandemic and to give your body some much-needed vitamin D.

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