What’s Hot and What’s Not: Outdoor Living Trends for 2020

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As we welcome a new era, we also kiss 2019 outdoor living trends goodbye. This year is not about minimalist themes and motifs. This 2020, the littlest details matter. If you want to jump on the bandwagon, you need to exert more effort into personalizing your space. Here are a few things to remember when revamping your outdoor sanctuary:


When Pantone’s Color of the Year campaign started gaining traction worldwide, everybody suddenly wanted to paint their homes with whatever color the consulting company set for the year. 2019 was all about Living Coral. This year, though, you might want to forget the Classic Blue trend and incorporate pops of colors to add more dimension to your outdoor oasis instead. Mix and match clashing tones to add depth and drama to your space.


2019 was all about incorporating modern touches to homes. This year, vintage furniture trends are making a huge comeback and taking the interior design landscape by storm. Instead of investing in smart entertainment sets, you’d want to buy rattan sofas or wooden coffee tables and bring them outside.


Minimalist designs are so 2000s. Say goodbye to black-and-white motifs, neutrals, and less-is-more themes and embrace summery vibes as you revamp your outdoor haven this year. When planning the design, imagine everything you’d want in your area during the summer season. Look back to simpler days of your youth when all you wanted was to play.

Then, transform your yard into a comfortable space where you can lounge, and sprinkle some summer lovin’ details, such as a pool (if you have space and budget), and a hammock. With a busy lifestyle, you will appreciate going on a staycation mode without leaving your place. Bring your beach house or cabin-in-the-woods retreat dreams to your very own backyard and see how it goes.


outdoor string lights

Bright lights are out, and strip, ambient lighting is in. Use lighting fixtures not to illuminate a space but to highlight and accentuate details, such as your furniture or plants. Rather than sticking with plain, boring LED lights, get creative with lamps and lanterns.

If you have time to spare, you can create your lighting fixtures using mason jars or glasses. This adds flair to your space, especially if you’re going for the vintage, rustic vibe.


A year ago, everybody wanted everything modern. This year, however, we’re reconnecting with nature and bringing more earthy elements to our spaces. Yards will go back to being gardens where there are actual plants, and the landscaping will be a more prominent part of every outdoor area in Pleasant Grove.

Freshen up the air (literally and figuratively) by creating a green garden and going for a natural landscape. Put potted plants here and there, consider adding flower vines, and while you’re at it, start growing food in your backyard.

Remember that trends come and go, but your home should always feel like home. Luckily for you, these 2020 outdoor living trends are all about being comfortable in your own yard.

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