When a Tooth Cracks: The Best Treatment for Tooth Loss

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People often only consider the state of their health based on their weight, their complexion, and even the aches and pains they feel. Though these are all legitimate concerns, what we all fail to understand is how the state of our oral health also could indicate the state of our general health.

It’s not only a cosmetic concern if your teeth or crooked or misaligned. These can be resolved with other procedures, some as simple as braces or retainers. But sometimes these minor conditions could lead to more serious dental problems, such as cracks and cavities that could lead to tooth loss. And in such cases, other treatments are required.

So what happens if you do not consider your oral health and lose a tooth? If you have one that is beyond repair, the best solution you could try is getting a dental implant. This tooth replacement alternative guarantees you of regaining a healthy and natural-looking smile. If you feel that the loss of a tooth or teeth is posing some problems when you are eating, talking, and even affecting your self-esteem, getting dental implants is the best way to resolve all of these issues in one treatment.

They Are Permanent Solutions

People have numerous alternatives when it comes to tooth loss or dental problems. For broken or chipped teeth, there is bleeding edge technology that enables dentists to use a white filling to do the necessary repairs. It is also possible to get dentures, which are more affordable and easier to maintain. If you only have one missing tooth, you could also consider going for a bridge, especially if the remaining adjacent teeth are in good condition.

Even so, most of these solutions are not permanent, and you are likely to seek additional treatment from time to time. With dental implants, your teeth will be permanent and cavity-free for the rest of your life. Many might consider it a more expensive alternative, but when you consider its durability, then it is a solution that is acceptable.

Preserve Undamaged Teeth
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Solutions such as dental bridges are great. However, the installed bridges have to be supported by other teeth, and this could quickly weaken your intact teeth. With implants, a surgical procedure is involved, and each installed tooth will be supported from the jaw, meaning that the healthy natural teeth are not affected.

Boost Your Self-esteem

Dental cosmetic procedures are designed to enhance the smile and bite of a patient. Unfortunately, some solutions are not effective in boosting one’s self-esteem. Dentures, for instance, could drop off when laughing and this will certainly be counterproductive to your attempts to improve your self-confidence. On the other hand, some solutions could leave you with fake teeth that do not match your existing natural teeth. With implants, you can look forward to having a seamless and beautiful looking smile.

Dental implants require very minimal levels of maintenance. They are as strong as natural teeth, and the best part is that they are not vulnerable to staining. The ultimate benefit is that the fake teeth will not only look as impressive as real teeth, but they will also feel like their natural counterparts.

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