Which Items in Your Home Are Hard to Move?

Moving to a new home

Some people think that just because they’ve hired furniture removalists from Melbourne, it’s easy to pack up and go. But there are some items that even professional movers have a hard time carrying from one place to another.

If you’re planning to move to your new home soon, take note of the following items and inform your mover ahead of time so that they can prepare effectively.


You’d be surprised to know that plants are actually hard to carry transport. That’s because plants are messy and fragile. Some don’t even survive being carried to another home.

So, you have a choice here: leave them behind, give them to your neighbours, or be extra careful with moving them. If you plan to bring them with you, remove your plants from their ceramic pots and put them in plastic ones so that their containers are more durable.

Also, it would be better if you put them in your car and not on your professional mover’s truck. The truck will be filled with all of your household items, and your plants won’t have enough air to breathe or they might get crushed.


Fish tanks or aquariums are also hard to transport. For one, an aquarium has lots of components that can easily get damaged if you move the whole thing together.

On top of that, you need to use some of the water in your aquarium in the container where you’ll place your fish for the trip. Your pet fish have already acclimatized to the water in your aquarium, and using another batch of water might not suit them and could even kill them.


Paintings also require extra care. Even the slightest scratch on a canvas would already devalue the painting. So, make sure your paintings are kept in bubble wraps for protection.

You should also protect the frames of your paintings by buffering them with cardboard pieces. These will keep the frames from getting scratched once your professional mover places them in the truck.

As for your sculptures, you’re going to have to pay extra to transport them. Some sculptures weigh a ton, so you need to inform your mover if you have items like these. They will wrap these in paper and bubble wrap, and they might need a crane to lift them into their truck.

Piano, keyboards, and drums

Grand-piano with a chair

Musical instruments larger than a guitar can be hard to transport because of their size. Pianos and keyboards are especially difficult to move because not only are they huge, but the components inside could also jostle around while in transit and get damaged.

Drums are fragile as well, and the skins can get punctured if they get hit by other items while in transit. Before you move your drum set, remove the skins first and take your cymbals off the stands. Then, protect them with bubble wrap.

Now that you know which items are hard to transport, you’ll be more equipped to handle your relocation. Inform your mover ahead of time about the things you’ll be bringing with you so that they can prepare the necessary equipment to pack and move them.

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